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No one ever looks forward to exams, yet checkups are an essential health care service that helps you prevent serious health problems. The exceptional team at Detroit Sherwood Urgent Care, led by Deon Middlebrook, MD, offers several exams to meet your personal needs. As an African-American practice, they’re especially focused on helping everyone in the Black community stay healthy and prevent life-threatening chronic diseases that affect people of color more often than other races. They welcome you to walk in for an exam, but you can also connect online or call the office in Detroit, Michigan, and request an appointment.

Exams Q&A

Why do I need routine physical exams?

Routine exams have a special role in preventing chronic diseases like Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure (hypertension), high cholesterol, heart disease, and kidney disease — conditions that affect the African-American community at a significantly higher rate than other races.

Chronic diseases develop gradually, going through a stage when they start to take hold but haven’t yet found their footing. If they’re detected before the full-blown disease develops, often with nothing more than lifestyle modifications, you can stop them from developing.

What types of exams can I schedule?

In addition to routine exams, the Detroit Sherwood Urgent Care team offers:

Sports physicals

Get ready for the athletic season with a sports physical. At Detroit Sherwood Urgent Care, you can get a complete sports physical for $15, and you don’t need an appointment.

A sports physical makes sure you can safely participate in athletic activities without the risk of physical harm. Your provider takes the time to learn about any pre-existing conditions, family illnesses or medical concerns, and earlier injuries you or your child may have suffered.

A sports exam includes all of the elements of a routine physical (checking your heart, weight, and vital signs) and more. They do an eye exam and carefully evaluate your musculoskeletal system to be sure there aren’t any problems with your muscles, bones, or joints.

STD screening

Walk into the urgent care clinic any time you have questions about STDs or need STD testing. Their caring staff provides support, produces accurate test results, and provides STD treatment if needed.

Drug screening

Employers often ask for a drug test before hiring you and at random times during your employment. Or, the court may order you to take a drug test. No matter why you need drug testing, you can walk in any time during office hours to get it done.

What services might I receive during exams?

As an urgent care clinic, your provider has all of the medical resources to provide the customized care you need during your exam. They offer on-site labs, blood testing, and digital X-rays, whether for an acute illness, minor injury, or respiratory ailment.

You can also take advantage of weight loss management or medication management, to give you an idea of two specialized services they provide.

Detroit Sherwood Urgent Care welcomes walk-in patients, or you can call or go online to request a same-day appointment.