Fast Facts About Infusion Therapy

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Fast Facts About Infusion Therapy

Has your doctor ordered infusion therapy as part of your medical treatment? If so, we invite you to visit our infusion center in Detroit. We are passionate about ensuring that the patients who visit us are comfortable and at ease during their infusion therapy. While we know you might not relish the idea of spending a day at our infusion center, we hope to make it the best possible experience we can. Before you visit, check out these fast facts about infusion therapy and have a better idea of what to expect when you come to our center.

Fast Facts About Infusion Therapy

Infusion Therapy Helps Treat An Array Of Conditions

Infusion therapy is utilized for a vast array of medical conditions. People who visit our clinic for infusion therapy come from a large variety of medical backgrounds. A few common conditions that infusion therapy can help treat include Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, immune deficiency disorders, cancers, dehydration, some forms of arthritis, and more. The benefit of infusion therapy is that it allows a patient to receive medications by a different means than orally. This makes it the right fit for numerous conditions when oral medication is not an ideal choice.

Infusion Therapy Is An Old Technology

Infusion therapy has been around for a long time. This technology dates back to the 1800s when Dr. Thomas Latta of Leith was working on studies for the treatment of cholera. Later, in the 1930s, the technology was further developed. However, it was not until the 1950s that this therapy became more widely available.

At One Point Only Hospitals Could Offer This Treatment

Historically, infusion therapy has only been offered by hospitals. This has made it a costly treatment and often required people to travel to a distant location to receive treatment. However, today, infusion therapy is now offered at a variety of clinics, including our Urgent Care center.

The Treatment Should Not Be Painful

Many patients worry about the painfulness of infusion therapy. The good news is that infusion therapy should not be an unpleasant experience. Most patients only experience mild discomfort when the IV is placed. If you are experiencing pain beyond this, you should speak to your nurse or doctor.


The Length Of The Session Will Vary

How long you will spend at our infusion center depends upon a variety of factors. Your doctor will want to spend some time answering your questions and preparing everything for the treatment. Once the infusion therapy begins, most sessions last around three hours, however, this can vary depending on how your body reacts. Talk to your doctor when you arrive about the estimated length of your particular session.

If you are in need of infusion therapy in Detroit, we invite you to visit our center. We strive to provide a comfortable experience for all our patients and we will work to ensure you receive the care you need while you are at our infusion center. Stop by today or reach out for further questions about this outstanding medical solution.