About Detroit Sherwood Urgent Care

Urgent Care located in Detroit, MI

Portrait of female African American doctor standing in hospital

Detroit Sherwood Urgent Care serves the community of Detroit, Michigan, with exceptional walk-in health care. Deon Middlebrook, MD, and the urgent care specialists devote each day to helping every patient achieve optimal health in pursuit of their ultimate goal: Providing the best medical care and urgent care.

Board-certified internal medicine physician and kidney health specialist Deon Middlebrook, MD, and the team of exceptional physicians and staff welcome everyone aged 4 and older who need immediate or same-day medical care. 

The African-American practice is dedicated to supporting the Black community in diagnosing and treating the full range of sudden acute illnesses, chronic disease flare-ups, and minor injuries.

Beyond providing expert diagnostics like on-site X-rays, lab work, STD testing, and drug screenings, the team meets the needs of the community by offering expanded health care services. 

People who require a physical exam or sports physical don’t need to wait for some distant appointment. Instead, they can just go to the clinic as a walk-in patient and get the care they need.

Patients receive comprehensive medical care for chronic diseases like diabetes, kidney failure, and hypertension. The team treats walk-in patients who have urinary tract infections, eye infections, ear pain, and respiratory conditions like asthma and bronchitis.

They focus on preventing chronic diseases when possible and deliver high-quality treatment should disease take hold. 

Detroit Sherwood Urgent Care is especially mindful of bringing awareness about the serious and potentially life-threatening diseases that affect Black families more often than other races. 

Patients are welcome to walk in, but if they prefer an appointment, they can connect online or call Detroit Sherwood Urgent Care.